Brands are fluid. They evolve over time.

Priorities change.

Do you know what other people say about you when you’re not in the room?

It’s time to define your brand promise.

Your brand is a living thing and conveys the personality and culture of your company.  

A half-day Moxie Brands Brand Clarity Session challenges you to step back and look at your company from a new perspective.

We give you the time, space and structure to assess your current brand identity and make intentional decisions about how to position—or reposition—your company in a competitive marketplace. This is not a cookie-cutter workshop, but a nuts-and-bolts strategy session tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

It’s easy to make decisions when you know exactly who you are. Imagine showing up digitally just as strong as when you meet a client one-on-one for a meeting. Imagine creating a movement with fiercely loyal brand evangelists.

Take control of how you’re perceived.

The Moxie Brands Brand Clarity Session

Clarity sessions should be done regularly; before launching a business and then at least once per year to reevaluate goals and refocus on your dream client avatar and brand promise.


Mission + Vision

What’s fueling your motivation and where you’re going in the future.

How you’re going to get there.

Tactical Execution
Steps you’ll take along the way.

Refocus your presence or essence, define your monster and clearly express your voice, values, and culture.

Where do you stand in your industry and what’s your unique differentiator?

Why does your business exist? The answer should be a personality-driven story. To know a story is to feel a connection.


After the strategy session, our team will deliver a brand reference book; a culmination of everything we clarify and discover during your session.  

The Moxie Brands Brand Book has been instrumental for our clients in maintaining a consistent brand voice and identity across the company. It’s a reference book for your current marketing team, your sales professionals and even for your high-level business development executives to support their verbal and written communication, and it enhances the organization’s onboarding process with new employees.  

Take Control of How Your Messages are Perceived.

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