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At Moxie Publishing, we take the experts, the entrepreneurs, the industry leaders, the survivors and self-made successes and add another title to their resume: author.

Because everyone has a story, everyone has experiences, and some of these will be life-changing for others.

Brand strategist and marketing consultant Angela Robbins was repeatedly working with clients who wanted to add a book to their list of accomplishments. These entrepreneurs and visionary types couldn’t silence the thing inside them telling them they had experience, knowledge, ideas and passions they needed to share with the world.

So we thought about it, and the truth is, any smart business professional can be a writer. You just have to sit down and write. But if you want to be a best-selling author, you need more than just a book delivered in a box. You need a 360 degree marketing plan and the right expert team to help you execute that marketing plan.

Our team’s combined experience in imagining and developing brands, planning and executing product launches, building high converting websites and sales funnels, writing and editing, design and photography, public relations and professional speaking coaching, social media marketing and magazine and book publishing makes us the right partner to help you add AUTHOR to your list of accomplishments.

Are you ready to write that book you have inside you that you’ve been dreaming about?



Turning Ideas Into Books

You have the concept and the story, but you struggle with writing or you lack the time to execute an entire book. You may not know this, but some of the best books from the most influential thought leaders were actually written largely in part by the help of an expert ghostwriter.

Whether you need someone to write your entire book or you just need some help organizing your thoughts and fine-tuning what you’ve already written, the Moxie team is going to pull this book out of you so you can share your ideas with the world.


Formatting & Design

From The Screen To The Book

Best sellers aren’t best sellers just because of the content. Editing, formatting and cover design are hugely important to the success of a book. Moxie’s editors are all writers too, and we have seen the value of collaborating with another writer to improve our message.

Admit it. We all judge a book by its cover, and Moxie Brands has a design team that will ensure your book’s aesthetics can hang with the major publishing house best sellers.

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So How Can You

Work With Us & Get Published?

Self Publishing has become more accessible than ever. There are on demand print houses and freelance editors. If you’re disciplined, you can write a manuscript, find a freelance editor for a few thousand dollars and learn to format it yourself and print some copies. You could even pay to have your book submitted to major book reviewers.

But without a strategic plan and an experienced partner, many self published authors find themselves out a lot of money and with little to no success in reaching any kind of audience with their book.

Enter Moxie Publishing

We are not a vanity publishing company and we don’t accept every manuscript or idea. The vanity press author could end up with a box of books no one will ever read, let alone buy. We enter into a clear and transparent business agreement with those who have a desire to get their story out there, and need a partner to guide them. We partner with you every step of the way so that the book is merely one tool that supports an overall marketing strategy.


You’ve written a great amount. You know it’s good. But you might be stuck finishing or perhaps you just want some help with organizing and improving some of your content.

Maybe you’ve completed a book but you want to brainstorm ideas for book signing or appearances, speaking engagements or social media contests and book giveaways. We consult authors during all phases of the process.

PR &

Moxie Brands offers public relations and marketing services for authors. You need a strategy to build your brand; and whether you’re trying to pick up media and speaking opportunities and need public speaking coaching, need help writing and filming a webinar course, or you’re looking for social media management, our full service marketing agency can tackle it all.


You’re an author. And if you have a book, you’ll be seeking speaking and media opportunities and looking to convert sales. A website with great design, photos and videos is crucial to your success.


Admit it, we all judge a book by its cover. Whether your book is nearing completion or you haven’t started writing it, advanced publicity on your book will engage your audience and create the anticipation you need for a successful launch.


As an author, your photo should be enhancing your brand value. Having professional headshots and lifestyle portraits for your book cover, website, media kit, social media and all other marketing materials ensures you’ll be taken seriously as a credible author.


Are you ready to be interviewed about your book? Combine your book launch with a public speaking plan.  Our affiliate partners support our clients with media coaching and training for standing ovations and camera ready confidence.


is what gives us the fearlessness to write books others will read.