Shot of Moxie Becomes the Official Social Media Partner of Hi Hello Labs as Part of a Growth Plan and Strategic Partnership

June 5, 2023
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October 25, 2023

ORLANDO, Fla.Oct. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Expanding its repertoire of dynamic collaborations, Moxie Brands and newly launched social media and content creation affiliate agency Shot of Moxie announce "Official Social Media Partner" designation for Hi Hello Labs, a video podcast production studio in downtown Orlando. Combining services and areas of expertise, this alliance marks a first-of-its-kind initiative, ensuring a circle of support for clients and a faster growth plan for the partners. With a vision to expand services and skyrocket the Hi Hello Labs client base, the expertise of three synergistic companies becomes the secret sauce primed to help their clients achieve digital excellence and set a gold standard for brand growth strategies.

In today's ever-evolving digital age, clients crave a comprehensive go-to-market strategy to spotlight their expertise across multiple platforms. Recognizing this, Shot of Moxie has designed workshop experiences and social media packages solely for Hi Hello Labs' clientele, who will have access to branding and marketing services, unrivaled podcast production, and a state-of-the-art studio outfitted for professional photography and video production.

Carolina and Carlos Flores of Hi Hello Labs shared their enthusiasm: "This partnership signifies a transformative leap for Hi Hello Labs. Working with Moxie Brands and Shot of Moxie is about the power of collaboration and a commitment to elevating voices that might otherwise go unheard. With aspirations centered around intentional expansion, we're able to serve more clients and provide a vehicle to take their expertise and reach a wider audience. By joining forces, we've created a 360-degree solution. Now we're crafting an overarching product strategy where our clients' brands resonate more deeply and their podcast is not a standalone entity but part of an integrated communication effort that includes social media marketing."

"This alliance, rooted in shared values, demonstrates that in unity, there's the potential to rewrite industry norms. There's incredible mutual respect in this cooperative. We are all passionate creatives, highly dedicated to our craft, with high standards for the products we offer. Everyone involved is so talented, and that makes this an exciting announcement for all of us." said Angela Robbins, founder of Moxie Brands and co-founder of Shot of Moxie.

Delaina Baker, co-founder and Managing Partner of Shot of Moxie, commented: "The depth of expertise each Hi Hello Labs client possesses is what makes me impassioned to apply my experience to spotlight them as industry luminaries. With the collective strength of this partnership, we're providing a powerful launching pad to accentuate each client's narrative, voice, and brand in the multifaceted world of social media and digital communication."

With this collaboration, clients in Orlando and beyond can anticipate a seamless blend of content artistry and digital strategy, ensuring they resonate powerfully with their target audience and embrace a new era of unmatched growth.


Hi Hello Labs, renowned for its podcast and digital course production expertise, features over 4,700 sq ft of creative studios nestled in the heart of Downtown Orlando.  Helmed by husband and wife team Carlos and Carolina Flores, Hi Hello Labs offers a full-service approach to podcast production, guiding their high level entrepreneurial clients from concept to delivery. As Hispanic, bilingual founders their ability to serve a variety of business leaders has fast tracked their growth success. 


Moxie Brands is a consulting firm founded by Angela Robbins specializing in brand management and fractional sales and marketing leadership. The boutique consultancy serves as a company growth partner to seven and eight figure revenue producing companies by combining business consulting, branding, marketing strategy, sales organization development, and creative marketing services. Using a brand equity approach and placing brand clarity at the center of the growth strategy, Moxie's team guides companies through expansion plans, rebrands, and turnaround projects, implementing a holistic approach to sales and marketing while building revenue driving teams.


Born out of a passion for storytelling and a drive to enable brands to resonate with audiences, the Orlando-based social media and content creation agency is committed to propelling people, brands, and non-profits into the digital spotlight. With a knack for crafting compelling narratives and strategic collaborations with non-competing entities, the agency fuses creativity and innovation with analytics, accountability, and alignment to company growth goals. Launched in 2023 by Angela Robbins and Delaina Baker, Shot of Moxie is on a mission to shift social media goals from an emphasis on likes and shares to developing lasting impressions and conversion-driven digital engagements.